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Virtual Research Scholars Exhibit Hall

As part of virtual student engagement and to showcase the excellent innovation in research and development, GMiS will host a Research Scholars Exhibit Hall. This virtual hall will host all the abstracts, posters, video links, and contact information for the presenters throughout the conference and thereafter. Conference attendees will be able to visit this virtual Research Scholars Exhibit Hall and read through the materials and be able to email the presenters with follow-up questions on their research.

Submission and Registration Process

STEP 1: Submit your abstract, poster, and video link through the GMiS Research Scholars Portal

STEP 2: Register for the virtual 2020 GMiS Conference, to participate in the Research Poster Competition, the Research Poster Competition Networking Reception, and access the Two-Day Virtual GMiS Graduate School and Career Fair. Please visit the 2020 GmiS Conference website.

In the event a student is not selected to participate in the Competition, GMiS encourages the student to attend the Conference and participate in the various programs, such as the two-day virtual Graduate School and Career Fair, Webinars, and Networking events.

Registration Fee

The virtual 2020 GMiS Conference student registration fee for the GMiS All-Access Pass is $125.


If a student chooses to cancel the registration for the Conference, he/she must log into the GMiS Conference Registration Portal and select “cancel” for the registration. This cancellation will trigger a reimbursement to the student’s credit card minus an administrative processing fee. Full refund for registration fees (minus administrative fees) will be allowed if requested prior to the cancellation deadline. No cancellations will be processed after that deadline, so please plan accordingly.

The last day to cancel and request a refund is Saturday, September 12.

Virtual Research Scholars Networking Reception



Top prizes will be presented to students who are recognized for having the best Conceptual Abstract or Research Poster based on both technical merit and presentation as determined by a panel of judges. Submissions are accepted in the categories listed below. Prizes will be awarded in each of the categories at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

I. Computer Engineering/Computer Science
II. Engineering and Technology
III. Math and Science

Contact Information

For further information, please email [email protected].

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